Paperlike E-ink Monitor

First 13.3" E-ink Monitor with Front-light & Touch. Protect Your Eyes


Paperlike 253: The World Largest E-ink Monitor

3200*1800 Resolution. Display Like Real Paper. Protect Your Eyes.


“Not-eReader” E-ink Tablet

Protect your eyes from LCD. More interesting than eReader


Not-eReader 103: Unprecedented Smart E-ink Tablet. Save Your Eyes

10.3" Open Android 9.0 Tablet Features Snapdragon 660 Chip. Work with PC & Smartphone.

  • Protect your eyes from LCD

    In the information age, we look at our computers and smartphones for more than 12 hours a day. The LCD displays greatly impact our eyes and overall health. Bright light and screen flash can cause dry eyes, inflammation, nearsightedness, dizziness and headache, which is called Computer Vision Syndrome. We urgently need a paper-like screen to save our eyes.

  • E-ink Technology

    DASUNG’s E-ink monitor has retina display, high contrast, fine quality, no flashing and no glare. It’s the perfect eye-saver.

    Unlike emissive displays, like LCD, where backlight is projected onto your eyes, E-ink display reflects ambient light from the environment. Being similar to ink on paper like real ink and E-ink helps eliminate eyestrain.

DASUNG Paperlike E-ink Monitor Video

Revolutionary 13.3" Eink Monitor. Front-light. Touchscreen. DASUNG Paperlike. Protect eyes well

People Who Need Our Product


Paperlike E-ink monitor displays like real paper, can effectively relieve eye strain when writing code for a long time

Office Workers

Paperlike E-ink monitor protects your eyes well, meets the needs of office work, long time internet browsing, document reading, digital file dossier reviewing, text writing, financial form processing, making it the best device for paperless office......

People with Visual Impairment

Paperlike E-ink monitor  is a good choice for people with Myopia, dry eye, macular disease, etc


Paperlike E-ink monitor is the perfect eye-saver for Children. Schoolwork is increasingly done online. Childrens' eyes in development are fragile and need protection.

Teachers & Students

Paperlike E-ink monitor is a good helper for your daily teaching activities, in primary, secondary and post-secondary education. Can be used for writing and reading digital materials.

The Elderly

Paperlike E-ink monitor benefits the eye health of the elderly. As you age, you may have drier and more easily-fatigued eyes.

Not-eReader: 7.8” E-ink Tablet

A New Revolutionary 7.8" E-ink Tablet. Protect your eyes from LCD. More interesting than eReader, you can watch online lessons and videos, read e-books, browse the web, or use it as a typewriter via Bluetooth. In addition, it can also connect & mirror your mobile phone and computer as a useful Mini-PC Monitor. It’s portable and easy to carry with, you can take it anywhere you go.

Not-eReader 103: Unprecedented Smart E-ink Tablet

"Not-eReader 103" implements reflective ambient light E-ink display, like real paper, staves you off the damage to your eyes caused by the LCD screens of tablet, computer and smartphone.
"Not-eReader 103" is just like a large size Kindle with more functions. It's not only an e-Reader but also an open Android tablet. No longer limited to Kindle bookstore reading, you can install more Apps for reading, social, learning and office use, such as Office, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube , LinkedIn, Yelp, etc. 

Paperlike 13.3” E-ink Monitor

The Paperlike E-ink Monitor is an auxiliary computer monitor that protects your eyes - the first of its kind with E-ink technology. It displays information like a piece of paper instead of emitting a harsh backlight so you can work longer without eye pain, fatigue, or headaches caused by traditional monitors. Until now E-Ink has been limited to E-book readers. Paperlike is designed specifically as a computer monitor with a full 13.3" screen and quick speeds so you can type, code, browse the web and more. Just plug it into your computer with the included USB cable to mirror or extend your screen. It doesn't need a power cord or battery, so you can take it anywhere you go.