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Q:Do you have a larger E-ink monitor?

A:At present, the largest one is 13.3-inch. The size of 31.2-inch or larger belongs to custom-made product, please contact us individually.

Q:The monitor is black and white, does it work?

A:90% of the display information is transmitteded by text, and no color does not affect the information acquisition. In addition, Paperlike has a rich grayscale, which can effectively simulates colors and identifies information. If you really need real colors, use them with a traditional monitor.

Q:Is it possible to purchase in bulk?

A:Yes. For bulk purchase, you should reserve in advance. As the screen is a precision components with a long production cycle.

Q:Is it possible to accept proper customization?

A:Yes. For example, the front panel can privately silkscreen customer-specific information, such as “XXX”, etc.

Q:Whether it can be used independently as the main display?

A:Yes. The product adopts HDMI interface, the speed is very fast and can be used as the main display.

Q:Can I use it outdoors?

A:Yes. Paperlike series monitors are especially suitable for use in outdoor, which is completely different from LCD.

Q:  Is the device checked before departure?

A:  Yes, we take extra time and check all the features and the hardware. We guarantee that our customers receive only faultless devices. Please keep in mind, however, that under certain circumstances - but in the rarest cases - due to the tests, images can remain on the device.

Q:  Will I receive an invoice?

A:  Yes. As soon as you have paid, the invoice is available. You can contact us to ask for it at any time. If there are any problems with customs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q:  Will my data be treated confidentially when placing an order?

A:We will treat your data confidentially. All orders are sent via an SSL-encrypted page. All passwords are encrypted in the database. Your data will not be passed on to third parties and will not be used by third parties for advertisement.

Q:  How can I cancel my order?

A:  As long as the package is not shipped and paid for, you can cancel your order at any time. Simply contact us through contact@dasung.com. 

Q:  How do I proceed when my device is broken?

A:  First, keep calm. Please contact us by e-mail, or message us in our shop. We will go through the errors, because, often, small software errors can be solved very easily with an update. If it is really a hardware fault, you can then make a warranty claim. You will receive further instructions from us.