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Q:Do you have a larger E-ink monitor?

A:At present, the largest one is 13.3-inch. The size of 31.2-inch or larger belongs to custom-made product, please contact us individually.

Q:The monitor is black and white, does it work?

A:90% of the display information is transmitteded by text, and no color does not affect the information acquisition. In addition, Paperlike has a rich grayscale, which can effectively simulates colors and identifies information. If you really need real colors, use them with a traditional monitor.

Q:Is it possible to purchase in bulk?

A:Yes. For bulk purchase, you should reserve in advance. As the screen is a precision components with a long production cycle.

Q:Is it possible to accept proper customization?

A:Yes. For example, the front panel can privately silkscreen customer-specific information, such as “XXX”, etc.

Q:Whether it can be used independently as the main display?

A:Yes. The product adopts HDMI interface, the speed is very fast and can be used as the main display.

Q:Can I use it outdoors?

A:Yes. Paperlike series monitors are especially suitable for use in outdoor, which is completely different from LCD.