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DASUNG 10.3" E-ink Tablet “Not-eReader 103” Full Review

DASUNG 10.3" E-ink Tablet “Not-eReader 103” Full Review

By a Faithful DASUNG Tech User and Supporter


I’m a medical academia after-graduate. No matter discussion class or scientific research, I often need to consult a large number of references and documents which would take me several hours to look up in front of a computer screen. And my eyes have high myopia + dry eyes. I cannot endure the strong light stimulation, blue light radiation and eyes fatigue from long-time staring at a computer LCD screen. Basically, my eyes will feel tingling and fatigue after half an hour. I’ve been always longing for a comfortable monitor until I found the e-Ink-screen tablet “Not-eReader 103” by DASUNG Tech. The tablet is only suitable for reading, and also get me to know e-ink technology more. 

Not-eReader 103: Unprecedented Smart E-ink Tablet. Save Your Eyes.

"Not-eReader 103" implements ambient light-reflective E-ink technology, which has been widely used in e-readers such as Kindle, boasting high reflectivity, wide viewing angle, high contrast, high resolution and visibility. “Not-eReader 103” displays like a printed newspaper, yet features the mobility of a screen, which solves the troubles caused by strong light and strobing. It is the perfect E-ink tablet which allows you to stave off  damage to your eyes caused by LCD screens while working, studying and being used for  entertainment purposes.

  • "Not-eReader 103" implements reflective ambient light E-ink display, like real paper, staves you off the damage to your eyes caused by the LCD screens of tablet, computer and smartphone.

  • "Not-eReader 103" is just like a large size Kindle with more functions. It's not only an e-Reader but also an open Android tablet. No longer limited to Kindle bookstore reading, you can install more Apps for reading, social, learning and office use, such as Office, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube , LinkedIn, Yelp, etc. 


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